Nick Parker Art

Welcome to my website!


The artist, Nick Parker, has made a niche for himself combining fractal, line and scraped images which are formed in short intensive bursts generally over a number of days if not weeks. His pleasure is in the enjoyment of colour either in intense brightness or simplicity of gentle perception but always with the greatest depth he can achieve. One can spend eons of time studying just a few square inches of canvas as each one will show many many layers of colour but in different intensities each telling it’s own tale.


The most common demand by Art buyers is not only a picture they enjoy looking at but a picture which fits into their life and home or office. It may be to a colour match, which is indeed the most common commission - "Paint me a picture to match this colour scheme", or conversely a picture which disturbs the current colour scheme! One that evokes lively discussion or one that evokes peace and calm. Whatever YOUR requirments are do speak with Nick as he is committed to painting pictures to match just what you are looking for at affordable prices.